nooa and care software

Give communication
the priority you need

Make the most of your care software by teaming it with nooa

Strong combination instead of a one-stop-shop

Care software is usually used to plan, document and account for care. Those who also (mis-)use it for communication end up resorting to a mixture of telephone, email, paper and messenger.

Use the right tool in the right situation - and benefit from less errors and time saved with nooa.

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Keep everyone up to date

With nooa as your employee app, news and updates can be shared in real-time with the right people. Users can react with likes and comments, strengthening alignment and engagement.

Upload manuals, FAQs and tutorials to provide guidance and support, especially to new employees.

Continue to communicate as usual

Communication with nooa is so easy to use because users immediately understand how things work - with an intuitive interface and familiar functionalities such as posts, messages, tasks, notifications, read receipts and comments, just to name a few.
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Easily include people outside your company

Communication can be particularly time-consuming and difficult when others outside your organisation are involved - clients, family members, council nurses or case managers.

Easily involve them with nooa - without additional cost or effort.