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Customer success stories

Our customers want to care for clients and staff to run a successful business for the long term. Find out how nooa helps them do this.

Customer success stories

What our users say

I am thrilled. With nooa I can start writing straight away. I send a message and it's out of my head and in the right hands."

We also use nooa to communicate from room to room in the office to not disturb our colleagues' concentration."

Since we started using nooa, I get 70% less calls during my visits. Nevertheless, we can be reached by the office team. So this is an enormous relief for all of us."

The time you save with nooa is INCREDIBLE. In the office, we save 2 hours on the phone per day. Our admin has dropped by 90% because there are no more unnecessary phone calls."

We started without any problems and everyone is more active than they have ever been. We have a lot of fun, especially with pictures. Everyone has nooa on their personal phones. We save a lot of time - and paper!"

Everything works great. We have a lot of fun with our new app and save a LOT of time. The support team and help center are also great. I didn't realize how helpful and addictive nooa would be."

Caremark Aylesbury & Wycombe fixed communication with nooa

Sandra, Care Supervisor

How Caremark Aylesbury & Wycombe fixed communication with nooa

0 handovers via email
80% less phone calls and messages
Boosted engagement and motivation
100% data privacy and compliance
0 WhatsApp groups

50% less internal emails
No more duplication via phone and messages

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