The super app that integrates with your care software

Discover the market-leading combination that seamlessly brings everything (and everyone) together

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The complete solution.
Where nothing is ever missed

  • No more separate systems. All you need is nooa and your care software

  • Start now with the complete solution for patient-centered communication by easily importing users and clients

  • Find out how our award-winning app integrates with your care software
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At last: No more WhatsApp for work

  • Connect secure and effective communication with your care software

  • Access messages, documents, tasks and client communication from anywhere

  • Never deal with duplicate documentation, pictures via WhatsApp, or paper notes ever again

Everything you need.
Connected with your favourite tools

Do you write notes on paper, use a messenger, send emails and call your co-workers and clients?

Maybe you also use something for storing documents, video conferences or staff training?

Now you can have everything in one place by connecting your favorite tools. Quick and easy.

Get to know nooa now.

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What our customers say

Everything works great. We have a lot of fun with our new app and save a LOT of time. The support team and help center are also great. I didn't realize how helpful and addictive nooa would be."

The time you save with nooa is INCREDIBLE. In the office, we save 2 hours on the phone per day. Our admin has dropped by 90% because there are no more unnecessary phone calls."

We started without any problems and everyone is more active than they have ever been. We have a lot of fun, especially with pictures. Everyone has nooa on their personal phones. We save a lot of time - and paper!"

Your advantages with nooa


Messages, tasks, video calling and much more

On every device

Mobile phone, tablet or PC. At the same time


Perfect video and audio at the click of a button

Reliable & safe

Built for digital security and privacy

Ready to go

No installation or hardware required

"As easy as WhatsApp and Facebook!"

Get started right away:

  • No installation
  • No costs
  • No risk

Use the full range of nooa's time-saving functionalities free of charge.

It only takes 5 minutes!