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With nooa you have everything covered


Intuitive communication

What is the best way to find and share relevant information?

Our customers not only appreciate nooa for everything it can do, but also for everything they can immediately start using it for

Clear task management

There is no faster way to take notes and create tasks. With nooa, task management adapts to the way you work, not the other way around.

Stop missing tasks and notes in emails, calendars and pieces of paper and start to keep everything effortlessly under control

Smooth onboarding

Thanks to the intuitive structure and simple handling, everyone quickly finds their way around nooa, regardless of whether they are bank staff or full-time employees.

Communication should be easy - tear down walls and break up silos to get new staff up to speed in no time

Impactful training

Continuous staff training, updating policies and procedures, or sharing new regulations - no problem with nooa. 

A lot of time, effort and paper can be saved by using the simple and effective tools that nooa provides

Productive meetings

Pinboards are ideally designed for group communication. Post a message, text, document or image and other members can quickly react as needed.

Organize and execute meetings, post minutes or spontaneously get together via video call

Effective quality assurance

No need for more tools - with nooa, the entire team is on the same platform. Provide information in a clear and targeted manner. At the right time, in the right place, for the right people.

Everyone benefits from structured self-organisation and delegation. The improved flow of information avoids unnecessary back and forth and reduces errors

Structured file management

Whether in the office or on the road - everyone has access to the files and documents they need.

No matter what it is - find information with the click of a button and automatically match information to individual clients

Guaranteed compliance

The reliable and clear structure of nooa makes it easier than ever to provide any documentation you need.

Whether it is HIPAA-compliance or an inspection - nooa has you covered

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Why you should be using nooa

nooa vs. messengers

The secure alternative to WhatsApp and messengers

A lot more than just a messenger - discover the many possibilities and advantages

nooa and care software

The first complete solution for central communication in care

Find out more about our holistic approach and why nooa will forever transform your organisation

nooa vs. emails

Reduce your need for emails to a minimum

✓ No more unnecessary email chains

✓ No more information getting lost

✓ Share and find files with just one click

nooa vs. Teams, Zoom & Co

No additional tools for meetings and collaboration

Whether part-time or full-time - with nooa, everyone can communicate in real-time. Even without an email address or phone number

Data privacy and security

A secure framework to guarantee compliance 

Do not leave data protection and compliance to chance any longer. The nooa app makes your communication secure, without slowing you down

Patient-centred communication

An innovation leader who is finally cleaning things up

We have made it our rocket science and it is everything we do. Patient-centred communication that improves outcomes and rekindles our joy for caring

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In our help center, we share not only answers and solutions to questions and challenges, but also the most common use-cases from our customers.

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