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nooa brings information to one place and drastically reduces communication efforts

Why nooa?

The average staff member in care spends 63 hours per month on the phone - more than half of which she considers wasted. At the same time, she has to keep an eye on 7 different communication tools

nooa was developed to make work more efficient and relieve care staff
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less time wasted when sharing information

2 hours

saved by office staff on the phone - every day


calls in private time


satisfied customers

Access information anytime, from anywhere

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Quality care depends on quality information. nooa helps you achieve both by streamlining communication 

  • Get information in real-time so you don’t miss incidents and can react as they occur
  • Keep in touch with carers and check how they are getting on
  • Stay on top of problems and keep everyone up to date

Onboard and train staff easily

Give your staff access to the information they need when they need it

  • Provide safe, high-quality care for your clients by giving staff access to a shared knowledge base to which everyone can contribute
  • Don’t let essential training get lost in a paper trail. Share materials with staff so they can follow up - no matter when, no matter where
  • Support your carers on a daily basis by keeping them up to date with new regulations and best practices
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Fast and error-free administration

Illu - Faster and error-free administration

Make your month-end manageable

  • Care can be fast-moving. The problem with paper is that it is only as current as when you print it, meaning you risk spreading outdated information. With nooa, you can communicate changes and updates in real-time so you can provide better care and save everyone’s time
  • Stop chasing logs and prevent back and forth in reconciliation. With nooa, you can save hours each month by collecting information and resolving issues ahead of time
  • Allow the office team to follow task completion in real-time and monitor the quality and safety of the service

Be compliant and improve your CQC rating

Profit from secure, real-time communication for everyone

  • Use compliant one-to-one and one-to-many communication to share information without risking an operational liability
  • Make the service safer and stand out in your next CQC assessment by easily managing and monitoring risk assessments, MARs and spot checks
  • Take advantage of operational efficiencies and make your business more transparent to meet goals from CQC’s new strategy, which focuses on how technology and innovation benefit people
Illu - Be compliant and improve your CQC rating-1

Provide outstanding client service

Illu - Provide outstanding client service

Keep everyone informed, be available for feedback and react to client requests with ease

  • Ensure that your clients and their families get relevant updates and are truly involved as partners in their care at all levels
  • Give your clients and their families the opportunity to address concerns and complaints directly
  • This not only satisfies customers and frees up time for staff - it also boosts safety and compliance
Signet - GDPR compliant
Signet - Made & hosted in Europe


“With 20 carers in my team I struggled to keep the rotas up-to-date. There was so much back and forth every time something happened, which is quite often as you can imagine. With nooa I can stay on top of everything easier and have more time to provide support to our carers in the community, which is really important to us.”

“We used to have a chaos of calls, texts and meetings with paper all over the place for sharing important information. Sometimes we didn't find out about issues until a few days later. nooa definitely helped us in so many ways, from compliance to training and administration. I wouldn't want to miss it.”

“I was sceptical at first, I admit. But when our manager showed us how easy we can stay connected with each other, I thought I might give it a try. It makes my day less stressful. Especially because I don't have to remember every little task and when I'm not sure about something, I can just look it up or ask a colleague. I like that.”

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