Audit-proof communication.

So much more
than any messenger

Everything you need for easy and secure communication that delights your team

Audit-proof communication

Digital pinboards for group communication

Communication in groups and teams made easy. Whether you need to share information with supervisors, a team or everyone - nooa adapts to your needs

Digital work spaces
More than any messenger

Integrated messenger for compliant communication

Quickly and securely share messages, images and files with staff, clients or relatives - with the ease and comfort that you know from your private messenger

Task management that fits your working style

Get things done by creating, sharing and following tasks without all the back and forth. Add notes, files and set due dates to have everything at your fingertips - wherever your are

Task management that works
Video communication that just works

Video communication can be this easy

Whether it's an important message, team meeting, support request or assessment - all it takes is one click. Experience perfect-quality video conferencing with all users on any device

Match information and clients with one click

No more back and forth: the automatic matching of information with clients in beautifully structured profiles helps you immediately find what you are looking for

Automatic matching of information with clients

The advantages of
communicating with nooa

Internal communication

Carers, admin, bank staff or supervisors - help everyone save time and nerves through intuitive, structured communication

External Communication

Work with GPs, pharmacies and hospitals to become significantly more efficient and reduce miscommunication and phone tag

Real-time notifications

Visual and acoustic real-time notifications ensure that no one misses any important information

Everything in one app

Messenger, tasks, group chats, video communication, client profiles and much more - always available on every device


Whether text, image or file - with nooa, every form of communication is securely transmitted to the right recipient(s)

Full control

Define user roles and manage them with ease so that information can only be viewed by authorized staff, clients and partners