Your solution for centralized communication in care

nooa is a cloud-based communication platform developed for care

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Your advantages with nooa


Messages, tasks, video calls and much more

On every device

Mobile phone, tablet or PC. At the same time


No training needed. Guaranteed.

Reliable & safe

Built for digital security and privacy

Ready to go

No installation or hardware required

Overview of the nooa platform

With nooa, staff can securely access information and communicate as needed at all times. Everything is in one place and can be shared with a single click.

Digital pinboards for group communication

Customisable pinboards is the future when it comes to structured many-to-many communication. Share messages, images and other files with your team, keeping track of conversations through comments, likes and read receipts.

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Integrated messenger for GDPR compliant communication

Send messages with the ease and comfort that you know from your private messenger. The big difference is that nooa was developed for care. It suits your style of working, whether you are on the road with your phone or in the office on your PC.

And of course, 100% HIPAA compliant.

Task management that fits your working style

Get things done by creating, sharing and following tasks without all the back and forth. Add notes, files and set due dates to have everything at your fingertips - wherever you are.

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Video communication with one click

Never worry about phone numbers or meeting links again. With a single click, you are guaranteed to reach the right person. Even better, you can invite the entire team. Perfect quality, no matter whether you are on the road, in the office or at home.

How others use nooa

nooa keeps you connected so that you  have the information you need and can communicate whenever the time is right. Have a look at how it is used by others.

Stay on top of your day with nooa

Follow care staff as they go through their day. 

Why nooa is right for you


Internal communication

Save time and boost productivity by streamlining your internal communication, keeping your frontline workers engaged and motivated

External communication

Communicate with clients and their families and work with physicians, therapists and any other partners


Our user-based pricing ensures that you only pay for what you use. As you grow, nooa grows with you - without having to worry about costs jumping


Everything you need for compliant communication at your fingertips: Stay in control of your data and be 100% HIPAA compliant

Make your team more efficient

Find out how you can boost productivity with nooa