nooa vs. Teams, Zoom & Co.

Because it's important that
we see each other when we talk 

Promote togetherness, pick up on non-verbal signals, increase productivity and gain flexibility. Discover video communication with nooa

Video communication can be this easy

  • Experience perfect-quality video conferencing with all users on any device
  • Call from anywhere, whether on the road, in the office, or at home
  • Guaranteed ready for use for everyone, without installation or training - on mobile phone, tablet and PC
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It's great how sharp the video quality is, even when I'm in the car on my phone!"

Your advantages with nooa


Messages, tasks, video communication and much more

On every device

Mobile phone, tablet or PC. Or everywhere at the same time


Perfect video and audio at the click of a button

Reliable & safe

Encryption and additional security measures

Ready to go

No installation, software or hardware required

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A direct connection. Anytime, from anywhere

  • Whether it's an important message, team meeting, support request or assessment - all it takes is a click
  • Never worry about phone numbers again. Guaranteed to reach the right person, every time
  • Personal touch through video and audio in high-definition

Everything in one place

  • Business as usual and always at hand - keep track of information and documents in a clear, intuitive and structured manner
  • Switch from message to call with one click
  • Organize meetings, message, call and collaborate - a place for teamwork where everything is available at all times
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One solution for everyone

Whether staff work part-time or full-time, with their own or shared devices - with nooa, everyone can communicate in real time. Without needing an email address or phone number, nooa allows everyone to stay connected, wherever they are