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7 July 2023,
10:00 am

Practical examples: How to immediately save time in management, documentation and administration

18 August 2023,
10:00 am

Data protection risk: care workers use WhatsApp. What now?

13 October 2023,
10:00 am

Virtual assistant: How to use a virtual assistant effectively and safely

17 November 2023,
10:00 am

Can IT also be simple and inexpensive? We show you what matters

11 January 2023,
10:00 am

Tips from home care providers that save you time and money

16 February 2023,
10:00 am

Use of resources: How to manage part-time staff and dom care effectively




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Webinar series

In focus: More time, data protection and MDK audit

Learn from our experts how to manage important issues, for example the shortage of skilled workers, chaotic communication or data protection in everyday care.

Take the chance to exchange ideas with us and other organisations!

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